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Mediterranean Seafood: Selling & Preparing Fish for You

Fried fish

For over 30 years, Mediterranean Seafood Import, Export has supplied individuals and businesses with fresh seafood for their families or customers. Being a family-owned business, we understand the need to adapt with changing conditions. As a result, our selection of delicious seafood grows according to your demands. When you’re looking for a fish monger who values personalized service, consider us for:

• Retail Sales of Fresh and Saltwater Seafood

• Wholesale Sales to Restaurants, Grocery Stores

  and Catering Companies

• Cleaning, Cutting, De-Boning, Filleting and

  Cooking – Any Fish

You Buy It, We Fry It!

At Mediterranean Seafood Import, Export, we like to say, “You buy it, we fry it!” But we’ll also grill or bake it! Choose any seafood in our inventory. By having us clean, cut, de-bone and fillet your selection, the only job left for you is enjoying our prepared-to-perfection seafood! Our preparation services are available to the general public, distributors and grocery stores. We’ll also gladly cater hot or cold seafood platters and holiday platters for your gathering or celebration. Our preparation service charges are:

Fried, plus $2.00 per pound

Grilled, plus $2.00 per pound

Baked, plus $2.00 per pound

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